Ben Burnett and his wife Lindsey Ann have two children and are currently in the process of adopting a third from China. They live on the west side of Alpharetta off of Mayfield Road. Ben is the son of a retired Major in the United States Marine Corps and a pension consultant. He currently works in the technology industry in Alpharetta and holds a bachelor’s degree from Samford University. Earlier in the summer of 2017 he completed his MBA from Georgia College and State University. Burnett is also an Eagle Scout. Ben was born in Hawaii and has lived in many places throughout the country due to his father’s service.

Ben is an active member at the First Baptist Church of Alpharetta. At FBCA he has frequently taught a class on financial peace to Alpharetta’s department of public safety.

In addition to Alpharetta, he is passionate about the education of children, preserving community, job creation, the care of fatherless children.

He believes that opportunity looks a lot like hard work.