A Voice for Homeowners

Since moving to Alpharetta over six years ago, Ben has become an active member of our community. Ben has served on Alpharetta’s recreation and parks commission and then on the city’s planning commission which reviews zoning applications for new development. Ben’s record of service and demonstrated desire to reflect the priorities of people who actually live in this community is exactly what Alpharetta needs at this pivotal point in our city’s development.

Development and Zoning – Listen to our Residents

As your next councilman, Ben Burnett will honor Alpharetta’s comprehensive plan goals that limit high density apartment developments that make our traffic worse. Ben will work to preserve our vanishing green spaces and balance future growth with the need to preserve our great schools, low crime and extraordinary quality of life. As a planning commissioner Ben has a proven record of supporting growth that reflects the goals of people who actually live in our community while rejecting decisions based solely on special interests.

Property Tax Relief – Giving Homeowners a Break

Ben Burnett believes government should be a good steward of the public’s money and should never tax people any more than is needed. Alpharetta’s tax revenue is now at record highs but so is spending. This year’s tax assessment fiasco also demonstrates how badly reforms are needed. Ben will work to limit future tax increases that could force residents from their homes and champion lower property taxes through appropriate homestead exemption and millage rate changes.

Transportation Solutions – Make Traffic Better Not Worse

Ben Burnett believes Alpharetta has to employ a two-pronged approach if we are ever going to make any progress in reducing our traffic congestion problem. First our city leadership needs to stop making the problem worse. Alpharetta is finally moving forward with road projects that might reduce traffic. However, those are years away from completion, while recently approved projects will be add more than 100,000 cars a day to our already clogged roads. Once new growth is managed to levels consistent with current infrastructure we can finally make some headway by completing current road construction plans and exploring new technologies and other innovative solutions.